The Fun and Easy Way to Exercise Super-Energetic Dogs

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Do you have a can't-stop, won't-stop kind of canine? Some dogs only need a short, leisurely walk before they're pooped, while others seem to be powered by Everlast batteries! If your high-energy dog would like to be in a state of constant motion and you're running out of ways to tire him out, give biking together a try. more

All the Reasons Your Dog Barks

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I recently saw two German Shepherds at a dog park who were running the fence with two little terriers who were on the other side. Then I noticed that the Shepherds were both wearing shock collars. When I politely asked their owner why, she replied, “Because they bark when they run, and it bothers people.” Talk about shock—I was flabbergasted. Dogs bark; that’s what they do. Expecting a dog not to bark while he’s playing is tantamount to expecting young children to keep quiet while they’re racing around with their friends: it just ain’t gonna happen! more
At-home Solution to Arthritis Joint Pain, Wound Healing, & More

At-home Solution to Arthritis Joint Pain, Wound Healing, & More

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Veterinarians across North America use laser therapy daily to speed post-operative healing, reduce inflammation, and relieve arthritic joint pain without drugs. Imagine if you could take advantage of this powerful science in your own home to ease your dog's chronic pain and speed healing! Well, now you can. The medical laser experts at Multi Radiance Medical have introduced a new initiative, Rent My Pet Laser, which allows pet owners to rent their highly effective, safe, and pocket-sized TQ Solo lasers directly and affordably from a veterinarian. more

The Surprising Truth About Why Dog Euthanasia Increases During The Holidays

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Ask any veterinarian when they euthanize the most dogs, and they will tell you “during the Winter holidays.”  In fact, Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, the nation’s largest provider of in-home end of life care for pets, will see an increase of 20-50% in home visits for euthanasia or hospice care the weeks following both Thanksgiving and Christmas. You may not imagine there being a season for this, but there is, for a few reasons:  more
Adolescent dogs

Young Dogs Disobey Their Human “Parents,” Much Like Teenagers

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According to a new study, dogs going through puberty can become disobedient—just like many human teenagers. The good news? Your pup’s misbehaviour during adolescence is normal and a passing phase. The study, published in The Royal Society journal Biology Letters and titled “Teenage dogs? Evidence for adolescent-phase conflict behaviour and an association between attachment to humans and pubertal timing in the domestic dog” found striking similarities. more