Is the Boxer or the Boston Terrier for you?

Category: Breeds
The Boxer Playful and exuberant A spark of youthful exuberance and playful rebellion defines this breed. While Boxers are elegant in appearance, athletic, and courageous, they love to play the fool and find fun in everything they do. more
Does Your Dog Need a Behavioural Chill Pill?

Does Your Dog Need a Behavioural Chill Pill?

Category: Dog Training
Is your dog overly exuberant during play? Does he turn into a non-stop jumping bean when you come home? Could you sometimes swear that he’s learned to levitate? If so, your dog may be suffering from ODS: Over-exuberant Dog Syndrome. Okay, I’m kidding about it being an actual syndrome but for owners it certainly can seem like a serious affliction. Let’s talk about what might cause this all-too-common condition and what you can do to get a handle on it. more

These Foster Dogs Are Looking For Temporary Homes

Category: Dog Life
Fostering is a short-term commitment and, most often, all expenses are covered. By temporarily opening your heart and home, you help give a dog a second chance and create space in shelters and rescues so that they can save more lives. Plus, it makes your heart feel good. At Modern Dog we’ve fostered numerous dogs and can attest to what a wonderful experience it is. Check out these cuties and consider fostering—we’re willing to bet you won’t regret it. more

What’s It Like to be a Professional Animal Photographer?

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Rescue Goes Primetime!

Rescue Goes Primetime!

Category: Celeb
We know what we'll be doing Thursday evening! FOX makes history this Thanksgiving with Cause for Paws, a celebrity-studded special all about the plight of rescue dogs, occupying a primetime spot! (8 pacific/7 central) This is huge, people! This moment might mark a sea change. The "dog-a-thon" promoting rescue and the importance of spay and neuter stands to be a game changer for shelter dogs. more


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