Bison Brittle

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Ingredients (Organic is best whenever possible.) more
Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

How Can You Help To Combat Digestive Issues & Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs?

Category: Health
sponsored by Pup Science Let’s take a trip back to high school biology class to better understand what the urinary tract and digestive system do and why keeping them healthy is so important to your pet. This will help you better understand urinary tract infection in dogs,so you can help! more

Orphaned Child Helps Abandoned Dogs

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A 14-year-old animal advocate in California is dedicating her time to giving senior rescue dogs a forever home. She too experienced what it’s like to be abandoned. At nine months old, Meena Kumar was left in a basket on a college campus in India, spending a year in an orphanage before she was adopted by a family in San Jose, CA. more
How I Met My Dog: State of Grace

How I Met My Dog: State of Grace

Category: Dog Life
The day I turned 44 I found myself living in an apartment, on my own and dog-less, each for the very first time. What a way to spend my birthday! Over time, I nursed my heart and settled into a lonely routine. I wanted to bring a dog home to my sixth floor place but worried that might be self-serving and unfair. A colleague suggested fostering and I received my first foster from ARF (the Animal Rescue Foundation, London, Ontario) in early February 2009. Four weeks later this abandoned adult dog was re-homed with a wonderful forever family and I was alone again. more
Raptor Shield

Raptor Shield

Category: Dog Life
Owners beware! Due to the increase of Birds of Prey, small pets are being attacked in larger numbers than ever before. These occurences are happening across the United States, Canada, England and even in Australia.  more


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