Give Your Dog These Treats: Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Pack a Real Taste And Nutrient-Filled Punch!

Category: Nutrition
In Partnership with PureBites Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to know your dogs are getting the healthiest treats possible without worrying about the fillers, overly processed ingredients, or possible allergens? Freeze drying is not a new concept, as it has been used for decades in human food, however, in the pet industry its popularity has only recently gained the attention it deserves. The Benefits of Freeze Drying more

Extreme Makeover: Canine Edition

Category: Dog Life
  In her viral photo series Hairy: Dogs Before and After Their Haircuts, Los Angeles-based photographer Grace Chon brings the cute and then some! The crazy-adorable series, a collaboration with the groomers at Healthy Spot in L.A., captures shaggy dogs utterly transformed by the magic of Japanese dog grooming, which throws the rules of regular dog grooming out the window in order to make dogs look as super-cute as possible. The resulting photos prove their mission is an undoubted success—these are some of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen!  more
Dogs Give New Leash on Life To Abandoned Cemetery

Dogs Give New Leash on Life To Abandoned Cemetery

Category: Inspire
It’s a place where the living mingle with the dead, and dog owners and their pups are vying to get in. This remarkable spot is Washington D.C.’s Historic Congressional Cemetery (HCC), and it’s anything but frightening. In fact, the cemetery—the final resting place of many noteworthy Washingtonians, from congressmen to lauded LGBTQ soldiers and veterans—is arguably one of the country’s liveliest and most famous cemeteries. The cornerstone of its successful transformation? more
Change an Animal's Life This Holiday Season

Change an Animal's Life This Holiday Season

Category: Inspire
Contrary to old school thinking, the holiday season is the perfect time to introduce a new furry member into your family. Each year from November 1 to December 31, the Ontario SPCA and participating societies across Canada runs their iAdopt for the Holidays campaign (  with the goal of getting as many animals into new homes over the holiday season as possible. more
essential oils

Essential Oils For Dogs

Category: Health
Essential oils are increasingly of interest to those in search of a non-pharmaceutical approach to health and wellness for themselves and their dogs, but aromatherapy has actually been used for centuries. The use of essential oils can be traced back nearly 5000 years in both India and Egypt. Essential oils are volatile, concentrated substances that come from a plant’s leaves, flowers, bark, roots, seeds, or fruit. They are typically collected by means of distillation or cold-pressing.  more


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