Are These Ingredients In Your Dog Treats?

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Are These Ingredients In Your Dog Treats?
Your pup deserves the best!


Every dog deserves a treat! I bet your dog is not that fussy especially when it comes to food but you should be. The ugly truth is when you skimp on the quality of the treats that you buy, you could actually be accidentally harming your dog's health.

Here are the ingredients you want to keep your eye on avoiding in your pup’s treats:

Artificial Colors – I guarantee your dog does not care what color their treats are. Color is only added to make you (the buyer) think the product is more attractive. Artificial colors are chemicals that can be harmful to your pet in the long run.

Artificial Preservatives - You want to look out for these when you are checking out the dog treat labels. Here are some common artificial preservatives: sodium nitrate, ethoxyquin, potassium sorbate, BHA, calcium propionate, and BHT. These type of preservatives are potentially dangerous to your pet and can easily be avoided.

Chemical humectants- If you can’t even pronounce it, it is not meant for your dog to eat. The most common chemical humectant you want to avoid is propylene glycol. The main purpose of this type of chemical is to keep the dog treats soft and chewy. The good news is there are better ways of preserving food using natural sources.

Even if you have the best intention to make homemade dog treats, it's nice to have an easy go-to ready for your dog. 

We recommend Boo Boo's Best (that's Boo Boo above, his adoptive mom Jocelyn started the company), you won't find treats with better ingredients and made with love. At Boo Boo's Best the treats are all-natural, grain-free, and corn-free. You won't find anything in these treats that isn't good for your dog.

We love their new superfood line of treats you can get Turkey, Salmon, or Pork! These are ingredients you don't have to worry about for your loved pet. Here is the list of ingredients for the salmon treats: SALMON, ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR, COCONUT GLYCERIN, SWEET POTATO, APPLES, CARROTS, PUMPKIN, KALE, BLUEBERRIES, MIXED TOCOPHEROLS (TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS), CITRIC ACID (TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS), VINEGAR, TURMERIC, GINGER. It does not get much better than those.

Did I mention they are also made in the U.S.A.! Click here to treat your dog to Boo Boo's Best today.

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