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Longevity in Dogs: The Long and the Short of It

Why do big dogs have shorter life spans than small dogs? A look at how—and why—size impacts lifespan more
Dogue de Bordeaux dog in the water

The Dogue de Bordeaux

Loyal, affectionate, courageous—meet one of France’s finest exports more

Dogs The Size of Grizzly Bears Roamed Prehistoric Earth

University study illuminates shocking size and surprising hunting methods of prehistoric dogs more

The Perfect Leash For Controlled Walks

This nifty leash lets you walk your dog close and can be worn around your dog's neck once you get to the park! more
The 14 Largest Dog Breeds

The 14 Largest Dog Breeds

Is bigger better? Where dogs are concerned, for some people the answer is a resounding yes. Get to know the 14 largest dog breeds, their AKC-mandated personality traits, and their average weight! more
The Boerboel

The Boerboel

This strong and confident breed hails from South Africa more
The Mastiff

The Mastiff

The tough-looking exterior of this BIG dog—the largest of the giant breeds—disguises an inner softie. Is the Mastiff right for you? Read on to find out… more
The Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog

Before you start to think this is a slow and lumbering animal, think again. This dog is athletic by nature. more
St. Bernard

The St. Bernard

The Saint Bernard is unquestionably an attention-getter. If nothing else, people will want to know how much food goes into that massive mouth each day. With...more

The Neapolitan Mastiff

These massive dogs, an ancient breed, are known for their imposing size—they weigh up to 150 pounds—and the loose folds of skin that cover their large frames. more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kato