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Ridalco Dog Tub

Ridalco's Customizable Stainless Steel Dog Tubs!

Let's face it - bath time for our beloved doggys can sometimes be tough! But to help make grooming easy and fun, Ridalco is our choice for ordering awesome personalized stainless steel dog bathtubsmore
How often to bathe puppy

Proper Pet Hygiene

Like humans, pets can experience skin conditions that may cause redness, itchiness, odor, and even wounds. Fortunately, many skin conditions can be prevented with routine bathing and grooming. more
lucy pet products

Lucy Pet Products Naturally Fun Shampoos

Treat your pooch to a bath she won’t forget! Lucy Pet Products’ Dog Shampoos contain natural ingredients to calm and soothe your pet while cleaning, and...more
Sweet Life Goat Milk Soap

Sweet Life's Goat Milk Soap

Treat your pup to Sweet Life's festive Goat Milk Soap. Cruelty-free with zero chemicals or harsh ingredients, this soap will make your pup feel nice and clean...more

AdVet: Not Your Average Grooming Products

AdVet: Not Your Average Grooming Productsmore
John Paul Pet

John Paul Pet

Health & Wellness through Grooming: First Aid for Petsmore
Eye, Ear and Dental Canine Care products

Eye, Ear and Dental Canine Care products

Eye, Ear and Dental Canine Care products more
Scaredy Cut

Scaredy Cut - Simple Grooming Solution!

Scaredy Cut is the simple, silent solution, which made grooming dogs at home as easy as 1-2-3! Brush your pet, cut the fur, even out. Voilà! Your pup looks...more
The Diamond Collar

Exclusive Clip! The Diamond Collar: From Mobster to Dog Lover

Set your TV to record Friday, January 17 (10 pm). That's when "The Diamond Collar" premiers on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. The show follows the day-to-day life...more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Maxwell