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Jumpstart Your Exercise Regime With a New Dog-Activity!

Bored dog? Routine fatigue? Shake things up with one of these less common dog sports. more

How to Bring out the Best in Your Dog

The Exercise Junkie EJ can be a demanding, pushy, and obnoxious housemate, especially without his daily run. This dog is a perpetual motion machine, rarely...more

Hardcore Players


D.I.Y Craft

Denyse Schmidt of Denise Schmidt Quilts saw her first Scottie Dog at the Elephant’s Trunk flea market in New Milford, Connecticut many years ago and fell in love. She’s been collecting vintage patchwork Scottie Dogs (and photographing them when her bed got too full) ever since. Just like old patchwork quilts, no two Scottie Dogs are alike—but they all have personality. We’re not sure where the pattern originated, but, due to the proliferation of patchwork Scotties out there, it probably appeared in a very popular women’s magazine in the 1940’s. And now, you can make your own!more

Boredom Busters

Rain, sleet, snow has you reluctant to set foot outdoors? Entertain your dog indoors with these enriching dog toys more

DIY Craft - Trick or Treat!

Get out your glue guns: We’ve got some fun and ridiculously easy-to-make costumes using both new and recycled thrift store items that anyone, even those of us...more

D.I.Y. Craft - Tag Silencers

Go Fetch! Paper and pencil Scissors Paper-backed fusible web Iron Craft felt in assorted colours Cotton fabric in assorted colours and patterns Sewing machine...more


We’re surrounded by stumps. Stumps of old dead cedar trees. Dark hollow eyes—cuts that at one time held springboards for loggers of long ago— watch me. Witch’s...more

Eat, Drink, Sleep Flyball

One taste of the wild, competitive sport of flyball and you’re hooked.
Dogs utterly fascinated with balls race off-leash over a 51-foot
course, along the way hurdling four jumps that are 10 feet apart. The
size of the shortest dog on the team determines the jump height for
that entire team. At the end of the course, the dog uses his or her
feet to hit “the box”—a device that fires a tennis ball—then catches
the ball and flies back over the jumps to the finish line. As the first
runner crosses the line, the second dog in the four-dog team takes off.
To make it even more exciting, these dogs are racing alongside another
team of ball-hungry athletic canines. more


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