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Meet: Tootsie

Bichon Frise
Brian Mibus

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We adopted Toostie from a no-kill shelter. Her previous owner had died. She was labeled 8 years old, blind and hard of hearing. We loved her from the moment we saw her! She is completely blind in one eye. She had surgery to help the other eye, though her vision is still very limited. She wears her goggles when riding in her bike basket to protect that one "good" eye. Though her vision is still very limited, and she can't hear very well, she is THE happiest little dog we've ever had.
Tootsie Roll, because she rolls on the floor during gleeful moments
walks, sitting in laps, sleeping on bed, her dental chew
thunder, our other dog barking (it scares her) and being left home when we leave
Favorite Foods: 
her dental treat that she gets once a day
Favorite Pastimes: 
being petted

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