Pomeranian & Papillon

Meet Pippie

Pippie was supposed to be a teacup pomeranian, purchased by my ex-husband for our daughter. She turned out to be more of a "teapot" and only half pom and the vet believes the other half is papillon. She is the sweetest dog I have ever known.....how did the dog end up with me? My ex didn't want a dog after all and I took to her like a mama to her baby, she has crossed over into to human world and thinks she is one of us! She loves to be held up over my head (on her back) like Simba in The Lion King (ever since she was a puppy), as we sing our own version of "Circle of Life". Pippie is now four years old, born on Valentine's Day and will always be my valentine. She is posing in a Burberry scarf on a chilly afternoon in Portland. Pippie loves other dogs and people, never a growl or bite, she has a baby sister named, Pretzel (she's a blue merle chihuahua) and they get along swimmingly.

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames The Pipster, P-dip We-dip C-dip, Pippanella Propadella
  • Dislikes Mean dogs, brushing her teeth, being home alone
  • Foods Carrots, cheese bites, ice cubes bits, rawhide roll ups, anything that drops while Mama's cooking.
  • Pastimes Walks, watching animal planet, frolicking in the yard with her sister Pretzel, spooning in bed, being treated like a queen
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