Dogs Surrendered as Misinformation Surrounding COVID-19 Swirls

Dogs Surrendered as Misinformation Surrounding COVID-19 Swirls

Unwarranted fears that caninescan spread Covid-19 are causing people to surrender their dogs, despite the World Health Organization (WHO) concluding that the threat of transmission from dogs to humans is virtually nonexistent. Learn more! more
can my dog get corona virus

COVID-19: Don’t Worry About Your Pet Getting It!

Veterinarians still say it is highly unlikely that the virus can be transmitted from humans to pets, and vice versa. Read on! more
Banixx Beagle

What do you do when your dog has an ear infection?

In Partnership with Banixx Does Fido fixate on his itchy ears? Does he scratch and shake his head repeatedly? Have you noticed a foul odor, redness or...more
Ticks on dogs

Ticks on Dogs Even in the Fall!

Are you worried about ticks on dogs? Do you live in an area with ticks? You are not out of the woods just yet. Most of us think of summertime as peak tick...more
Veterinary Detective

Veterinary Detective

What’s Wrong With This Dog? more
Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs

Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs

Dog lovers are ditching the NSAIDs and treating their dogs’ joint pain with powerhouse natural supplements—and seeing amazing results  more
Listen to Your (Dog's) Gut

Listen to Your (Dog's) Gut

New microbiome testing kit provides gut health insight more
Fear Free

Fear Free principles - State of the Art and State of the Heart

The Fear Free principles of “America’s vet” Dr. Marty Becker are transforming veterinary practices and improving the emotional wellbeing of pets more
CBD for Your Dog

The Benefits of CBD for Your Dog

From pain relief to anxiety management, CBD proponents say it can do it all—even fight cancer but is it right for your dog? more
Senior Dog Wellness

What Can I Give My Dog for Pain?

What Can I Give My Dog for Pain at Home? I think that we spend most of our time in veterinary school learning about what can go wrong. And, a lot can go...more


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