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Healthy Paws

Solutions for everything from doggie odour to joint pain and reduced immunity.

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No More Sore Joints

Does your dog have sore joints? The Duralactin Canine Joint Plus Soft Chews are made with ingredients like dried milk protein, glucosamine, MSM, Omega fatty acids, and zinc to reduce inflammation and support canine joint health. (from $50,

I'm-Yunity medicinal mushroom

Immune System Boost

Give your pup’s immune system a boost with I’m-Yunity’s powerful medicinal mushroom supplement for dogs. This natural supplement is clinically proven to boost energy levels, stabilize white blood cell counts, and provide immune support! (from $95,

Suzie's Pet Treats

Help For Pain, Anxiety & More

Pain? Anxiety? CBD can help! Suzie’s CBD Soft Chews are made with organic full-spectrum CBD oil and yummy, functional ingredients like turmeric and bone broth. Anti-inflammatory and appetite stimulating, they come in
flavours like Chicken & Turmeric and Beef Bone Broth. ($25,

Primal Pet Foods

Bone Broth Health Booster

Give your dog’s dinner a nutritious, hydrating boost with Primal Pet Foods Turkey Bone Broth. Made with organic, natural ingredients, this broth aids in joint, digestive, and liver health—and dogs love it. ($10,

Visionary Pet

A Keto Kibble for Dogs

Your dog can now easily follow a ketogenic diet. Visionary Pet’s Keto Dry Food Chicken Recipe is very low carb, grain-free, and packed with protein for optimal nutrition and health benefits, including disease prevention. (from $27,

Mellow Premium

The Chew Dogs Love

Yakalicious Organic Dog chews are highly digestible, a great source of protein, and full of natural vitamins and minerals! Bonus: these long-lasting
chews are great for dental health and available for small to extra-large dogs. (from $31,

Natural Alternative Fertilizer

Natural Lawn Care

Look after your lawn without harming your dog. Natural Alternative’s sustainable Summer Fertilizer contains corn gluten for all-natural weed control and lawn revival so you can have a lush lawn without harmful chemicals. ($46,

Juru Pet

The Secret to Good Gut Health

Nourish your dog’s gut for overall health benefits. Juru Pet’s Gut Support probiotic is formulated with reed sedge peat, diatomaceous earth, coconut oil, kelp, yeast, and psyllium husk to maintain a robust, biodiverse digestive system. (from $25,

Animal Earth

Chew On This!   

Tasty, healthy chews that also improve your dog’s breath! Earth Animal’s Fresh Herbed Chicken Tenders for dogs are made with sustainably sourced chicken, parsley, and mint to naturally improve doggy breath! Slowly roasted in small batches, these hand-crafted chews have a taste and aroma dogs love. ($12,


Tasty Health Booster

Add Tailspring’s Goat Milk Meal Toppers to your dog’s meal for a tasty health boost—or mix with water and freeze to create a healthy “pupsicle!” Made with human grade ingredients, they come in formulas such as Hip & Joint. (from $25,


No More Doggy Odour!

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo has a special, non-toxic ingredient, Oxygene, that’s so good at stopping bad smells, it even works on skunk! This soothing, pH balanced formula is infused with essential oils for a sweet-smelling pup! (from $10,


Sting-free Relief

Safe and sting-free relief for wounds, hot spots, yeast infections, and ringworm! Banixx Pet Wound Care Cream’s anti-microbial, antiseptic formula has extracts like aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, and chamomile, and dries like a liquid bandage! (from $15,

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