Fave Finds

Fave Finds

If your dog is like mine, then you will know what a struggle it is to try to trim your dog’s nails. Andis Pet Nail Grinder makes trimming your dog’s nails easier, quick, and stress-free!

Say good-bye to scratches in your home caused by long nails! The nail grinder comes in two different speeds for efficient clipping and is lightweight and powerful. It creates a smoother and a more rounded nail for the perfect manicure for your pet.

The nail grinder will also save you money and unnecessary trips to the groomer. Now, you can keep your dog’s nails trimmed at home!

Most importantly, it is safe to use and does not cause pain to your pet. It’s good to use on all dog breeds and even cats! – KD

Messy Mutts

Everyone loves homemade treats and so does your dog! So if you want to spoil your pup with delicious home cooking, try Messy Mutts Silicone Dog Treat Maker.

With this tray, making healthy treats for your dog has never been easier! The flexible silicone tray has non-slip handles for easy carrying. It is oven safe up to 446°F and is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe!

The Silicone Dog Treat Maker also has bone-shaped molds to ensure that your treats will look cute every time. Furthermore, the tray comes in both small and large sizes, so you can choose the appropriate size for your homemade treats.

The Silicone Dog Treat Maker is FDA approved and is both BPA and PVC free. It is safe for you to use and your dog will have snacks that are completely safe to eat.

Don’t worry if you have never cooked homemade treats for your dog before. For tips and recipes, check out Messy Mutts Treats Pinterest board! We guarantee that your pooch will be mooching for more of your homemade snacks!  -KD


Living a healthy lifestyle is important. We want to make sure that we are staying active and eating healthy. So shouldn’t the same go for our dogs?

The Slim Dog Treats by Natural Pet Science are designed to help your dog stay slim and healthy without sacrificing tasty goodness. They contain all natural ingredients, so you can be positive that you know what you are feeding your dog.

 Slim Dog Treats use a unique hemp-based formula. Hemp seed oil has been proven to help boost the gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in your dog’s diet. This can help fight cancer, reduce joint pain and help improve skin and coat.

These treats also use cricket flour that is high in protein and environmentally sustainable meaning it’s good for your dog and the environment!

Furthermore, Slim Dog Treats maintain digestive and intestinal health, promote healthy weight and blood sugar levels, helping to maintain a steady energy level.

Who says healthy food can’t be delicious? Trust us; your pup will love these treats! -KD


Tired of having to check the ingredients on a label? Try Fish Skin Bites, made with only one ingredient: fish skin!

These Freeze-dried treats are made with love and use only the best sushi grade salmon and snapper. Even better, they are packed with Omega 3 oils! These snacks are wonderful for your dog’s health and will keep their coat looking fabulous.

Fish Skin Bites also offers a monthly subscription so you never run out! That way, you can ensure your pet always has the proper nutrients in their diet. The dogs in our office can’t get enough of them and we are sure your dog will love them!  -LS

F'lint Roller

Animal fur sticking to clothes is a constant struggle for any pet owner. Lint rollers are an easy go-to fix for the problem, but they are difficult to carry around with you. With Think Product Lab’s new F’lint roller, the fight to keep your clothes clean just became much easier and affordable.

This item will keep your clothes safe from lint or animal fur no matter where you are! The F’lint roller is made in easy travel sizes to fit perfectly in your bag or pocket. The durable body protects the tape on the retractable roller, as well as your non-lint items.

The F’lint roller comes in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. It is also reusable and refillable, which means no more constant trips to your local dollar store. Starting at $7.99, the F’lint is easily becoming a staff favourite! -KD


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