Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Makes a great fall gift!
Autumn Dog Collar

Love this hand-crafted Autumn Dog Collar from Krafty Kanines. Available in sizes S, M, and L, this would make a really pretty gift for a dog lover in your life. Works especially well if Mitzy's colouring is complemented by rich autumn tones :). - LC

Orvis Dog Travel Kit

If you're hitting the road this summer with your four-legged BFF in tow, don't forget to bring this fab travel kit from Orvis. Rugged yet stylish, the kit contains a travel sized food bag capable of carrying 4 - 5 lbs of food, plus collapsible food and water bowls.The bowls are easy wipe to make cleanup a snap, and zippered pockets carry treats, leashes and poo bags in one convenient location. When dinnertime is done, pop everything back inside the carrying case and you're all set. 

Dog Bathrobe

Pamper your pooch after a bath with this adorable, cotton dog bathrobe from Romy and Jacob. Use it to towel off your dog after a bath, or just as a cozy coat for around the home. Give your dog the real spa treatment!

Inflatable Recovery Collar
getting better

Fostering two small pups who have just undergone surgery has given us a new appreciation for a modern, comfortable recovery collar. A wonderful alternative to the stock-standard Elizabethan Cone, the BooBooLoon’s rounded, inflatable design prevents catching on cracks, bumps and ground cover and isn’t a hindrance at mealtime, making convalescence a breeze. 

Essential Oil Blend for Stressed Dogs
essential oil blend for stressed dogs

Stressed dog? The wonderful Merlin’s Magic Calming Potion (such a great name!) from FrogWorks is a blend of essential oils that will help your tightly wound dog chill out; a blessing for anyone who shares their life with a high-strung dog. -JN


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