Sleepy Holow's Hand-Crafted Dog Collars and Bracelets

October 2, 2018
Sleepy Holow's Hand-Crafted Dog Collars and Bracelets
Sleepy Holow

Do you or your pup want to make a statement? Then check out Sleepy Holow’s line of quality dog collars! They offer a variety of collars to choose from such as leather, beaded, blinged, nylon and paracord!

Each collar is handcrafted by hand with the highest quality materials. Sleepy Holow’s owner Kim Holowatiuk creates every item herself in her workshop at home in Alberta, Canada!

Want to spoil yourself as well? Check out Sleepy Holow’s exclusive Furs ‘N Hers line! You can purchase matching collars and bracelets for you and your best dog friend!

Any of the collar styles offered by Sleepy Holow can be made into a Furs ‘N Hers set. Both the collar and the bracelet are custom fitted to ensure that you have the proper size for both you and your dog!

If you have a specific design or idea in mind, Sleepy Holow also specializes in custom-made work! Owner Kim will work with you to help bring your own personal creation to life and ensure that you find the perfect unique accessory for you or your dog! -KD




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