P.L.A.Y's Mustache Bed

November 23, 2018
P.L.A.Y's Mustache Bed

By now, most Movember mustaches are getting pretty lengthy, but we haven’t had our fill quite yet! That’s we just can’t get enough of these trendy Mustache dog beds! According to P.L.A.Y., they chose this pattern because mustaches are an international symbol for the “fun, hip and trendy”. Whether or not your dog sports a mustache of his own, your pup can now enjoy a chevron, dali or handlebar mustache with this dashing Mustache bed from P.L.A.Y.!

Hipster dogs like yours will appreciate this bed’s eco-friendly filler, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and cautious pet parents like yourself can appreciate its lead-free zippers, furniture grade craftsmanship, and machine washable materials. Perfectly fluffy and fashion forward, it’s a great choice for a splash of on-trend pattern!

Not only will this dog bed liven up your living room, it will help others in need. Every Mustache bed purchased puts 10% of the proceeds towards fighting prostate cancer, 20% if purchased in the month of November — so what are you waiting for?! Prices start at $95, check them out here


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