Phyto-Bites Soft Chews with CBD

January 25, 2017
Phyto-Bites Soft Chews with CBD
Phyto-Bites Soft Chews

Most people have heard of a chemical called THC—the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high—but there has also been a lot of recent talk about another compound in weed called cannabidiol, or CBD. Evidence of medical benefits of CBD grows increases, and it's non-psychoactive.

Used as an ingredient in treats, like these Phyto-Bites CBD Soft Chews by CBD Unlimited, your pet gets all the health benefits of hemp such as the reduction of separation anxiety, pain and inflammation without any high. Providing only the highest quality M3CBD® hemp-based products, CBD Unlimited's Colorado-grown, certified hemp is clean and pure. It's a great option for my senior dog as her joint and muscle aches increase with age. 

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