Loving the Leather Collars?

December 7, 2018
Loving the Leather Collars?
Your dog's new favourite accessory.

Treat yourself to a gorgeously decked out dog this holiday season!

With Auburn Leathercrafters’ wonderful selection of leather dog collars, you’ll be sure to find a piece that will have your dog feeling fine and looking festive.

We’re getting into the holiday spirit here at Modern Dog, and so we’re practically swooning over this beautiful jingle bell collar. Made in the USA from the same fine leather as Auburn Leathercrafters’ other pieces, this collar will put everyone who sees your pup in a very merry mood. (Fair warning: little kids will definitely think your dog is a reindeer, and you may have to pretend to be a Christmas elf to keep up the façade.)



If you’re pup is too sophisticated for overt holly jolly wear, these Manhattan Patent Leather Collars will have your pup looking ready for the catwalk (or more likely, his next dog walk). Glamorous, bright, and beautiful, these collars are both stylish and durable – pick from a colour selection of red, pink, white or black, all with a contrasting black bridle leather lining and beveled, hand polished edges. Want to give your dog’s ensemble a polished look? Check out this matching line of leashes!


Auburn Leathercrafters’ creates high quality leather collars in a huge variety of sizes, perfect for a pooch who likes his accessories luxurious and long-lasting. Check out their selection at auburndirect.com! - JH

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