Handcrafted Natural Dog Sweaters by Canine Cardigans

September 28, 2018
Handcrafted Natural Dog Sweaters by Canine Cardigans
Canine Cardigans

With the start of sweater weather season, it’s important to keep our beloved dogs warm as the days get colder. But it can be difficult finding sweaters that will fit your dog properly.

Connie Kogler, started Canine Cardigans after struggling to find sweaters that fit her beloved miniature Dachshunds. Kogler re-uses second-hand sweaters or coats made for people and turns them into unique dog sweaters.

Each sweater is unique and hand-crafted in Kogler's workroom at home. She only re-uses sweaters made from natural fabrics such as wool and cashmere! Even better, Canine Cardigans sells sweaters for dogs that weigh anywhere between 1 to 100 lbs, so you'll find any sweater for any size dog!

Check out Kogler’s unique designs and read about her story here. We know you will love them as much as we do! -KD

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