Elizabeth Taylor: Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend

We know all about the tempestuous romances and ill-fated marriages, her
violet eyes, larger-than-life beauty and enormous diamonds-but who'd ‘a
thunk that doggies were this girl's best friend? more

Ellen DeGeneres On Life & Dogs

THROUGH MUCH OF THE MID to late nineties, my friends knew not to call me on Wednesday evenings during a particular half hour. For 30 minutes, I had a date with Ellen Morgan, the fictional funny lady brought to life in comedian Ellen DeGeneres' series Ellen. But my sacred Wednesdays were about more than just channel surfing for a laugh. Wednesdays with Ellen, for me, became something of a young writer's church. I was learning my first invaluable professional lessons: Comedy can equal kindness. Hollywood can equal humanity. more


Dog of the Week!