The Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

We’ve shortlisted the best dog breeds for protection, cuddling, active owners, apartments, therapy work, endless adoration, and a whole lot more (links below)! We asked Gina DiNardo, American Kennel Club Executive Secretary and expert on all things breed related, for the low down on which breeds are the best fit for a whole array of activities and situations. Read on in this article to find out which breeds are the best for emotional support!


Two purebred Golden Retriever dogs outdoors on a sunny summer day.


Golden Retrievers are known for being energetic, loving, and comforting. Extremely loyal, they know how to bond with their owners. For any therapy dog, this factor is crucial since you can rest assured that your dog will always be by your side.


Black lab sitting in a field at sunset


Labrador Retrievers love companionship and are very loyal, eager to please, and super trainable. They love to get outside and be active, which encourages their owners to do the same.



Life on White/Bigstock

Poodles love being around their owners. They are also born performers, super social, great with kids and are excellent at adapting to their surroundings.


yorkshire terrier


Yorkshire Terriers are naturally intelligent and can pick up cues related to your feelings. They also have great personalities and can cheer humans up when they are feeling depressed.



Grisha Bruev/Bigstock

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are friendly, sensitive, intelligent and affectionate companions.


These are some of the best dog breeds for dog owners who need a faithful friend; thanks Gina! Which one is your favourite?

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