Meet One Terrific Dog

Meet One Terrific Dog
our last Star Dog contest and came in second place


Indiana, a German Shepherd Dog named for Indiana Jones, is Modern Dog reader Linda Tretow's best friend. Together they managed to get over 22,000 votes in our last Star Dog contest and came in second place. Despite not taking first in the contest, they won a spot in our hearts. Quite simply, we fell for these two and decided to feature them anyways.

"Indiana is my friend and companion, my life and my love," Linda shares. "We go on daily walks together, play ball, and run. He loves all his toys and knows them by name. He loves to chase birds, chipmunks, and butterflies. He gives me daily bear hugs. He is amazing and we are like two peas in a pod!"

It's partnerships like this that we're all about here at Modern Dog—terrific dogs and terrific people building an interspecies bond based on love, respect, and understanding. It's the coolest, isn't it?

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