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Stuff We Love – Spring 2023

Modern Dog staffers’ picks of the litter!

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1 Earth Friendly pee pads from Wizsmart swap fossil-fuel plastic for sugarcane-based bioplastic mixed with recycled, unused diapers for a more sustainable solution that’s still ultra-absorbent, leak-proof, and controls odours. Patented tabs keep the pad in place!—Mina (from $30,

2 A better chew. Redbarn’s Collagen Braid chews bust boredom while supporting dental and joint health! Recommended for all types of chewers, these chews are all-natural, grain-free, and made from beef-hide for long-lasting enrichment (don’t forget to monitor all chew sessions).—Frankie (from $5,


3 Banish the vet bill scaries! Nationwide pet insurance plans let you visit any vet and get your money back.—Anna (Plans starting at $35 a month,


4 Sensitive stomach? The Minimalist dog food from Molecular BioLife follows a “basic, instinctive whole food diet,” offering an organic plant-to-animal protein balance designed to maintain gut health and support flexibility and bone health. —Naya ($129,


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5 Feel good about your carpeting again. Chem-Dry Pet Urine Removal Treatment services use a unique, deep cleaning process to penetrate carpet fibers and remove urine crystals, getting rid of 99.9% of pet odours.—Constance (


6 With MSM, glucosamine hydrochloride, green lipped mussel, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, Flex-All Plus from McIntosh Pro Line supports healthy joints, minimizing joint pain and increasing joint repair. —Yaunna (from $22,


7 No more carrying a bag full of poo on dog walks! Let Dooloop do the dirty work for you. This nifty little device—woman-made in Maine from non-toxic, recycled plastic—holds the dog-waste bag, so you don’t have to!—Jennifer ($9,


8 Your pooch will look dashing in an Our Kind Apparel dog bandana. Choose the slogan that fits (Friendly, Bad Girl, Lone Wolf, Shapeshifter…) for an adorable dog-park conversation starter.—Shakira ($16,


9 Hydrate on the go! Spleash attaches to almost any leash, providing a convenient handle that doubles as a fresh water reservoir so your dog never goes thirsty!—Jory ($35,


10 This may be the coolest way to remember a loved dog. Memorial Reefs International combines ashes into Reef Ball technology and sinks the memorials to help rebuild coral reefs, creating new life out of loss.—Cecilia (from $40,


11 Always know where your dog is with the Pawfit 3s pet location and activity tracker, featuring real-time GPS location tracking with unlimited range, activity monitoring, voice commands, and more. Durable and waterproof, it’s built for adventures.—Simran (from $130,


12 What would happen to your dog if you were hurt or injured? Ensure your pets are taken care of in an emergency situation by wearing a stainless-steel Save My Pet Pendant engraved with your pet’s info and an emergency contact.—Linda ($40,



13 If your dog digs or destroys parts of your lawn, these Rapid Repair Pods are a genius fix! Simply drop the water-soluble pod where your lawn needs it, water, and you’ll see results in seven to ten days!—Connie ($15 per pack,


14 Made with natural chicken and wild tuna, the Churu Bites Chicken Recipe Wraps from Inaba combine a soft-baked exterior with that creamy Churu filling dogs go crazy for. Ideal for puzzle toys and training rewards!—Pippin ($5,



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