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How to Groom Your Dog for Summer Comfort

Don't Shave My Beautiful Coat!

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Some grooming tips are counter intuitive. For example, did you know that you shouldn't shave double-coated breeds in the summer? Though warm looking, the double coat actually allows dogs to regulate their temperature. Instead, you should brush or use a de-shedding tool to remove excess hair. We asked Megan Mouser, certified groomer and Education Manager For Andis (they've been making quality grooming tools for over 90 years!) for this tip plus four more to make sure your dog stays cool and comfortable this summer. 

1) Frequent brushing or using a de-shedding tool will remove excess hair from an undercoat and keep double-coated dogs cool and comfortable all summer. 

2) Routine grooming is particularly important for flea and tick detection. Proper maintenance and care can catch fleas and ticks before they cause any damage (disease, allergy, skin irritation from scratching…) to your dogs.

3) HYDRATE. Dogs can get dehydrated too, so always ensure your pet has fresh water.

4) When grooming pets, remember to keep enough hair on the coat to protect skin from the harsh summer sun—dogs can get sunburned too! if you're using a clipper, I recommend using Andis' #7FC detachable blade for the perfect trim.

5) Keep your dog's paw pads trimmed. Most people don't realize dogs sweat through their feet, so it's important to regularly trim the hair around their paws to keep them cool and prevent debris from getting caught.


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