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Boredom Busters

Entertain your dog indoors with these enriching dog toys

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Canine Genius Toys

Canine Genius

Release the treats! Link Canine genius interactive food-stuffable “Mike” and “Leo” toys together for hours of fun for your dog. Available in mini and regular sizes. $13 – $19,

Duradoggie Nebo Ball & Beba Toy

Dura Doggie

Both the Nebo ball and Beba toy are bright and cheerful, buoyant, recyclable food- stuffable toys that provide endless entertainment. Choose your colour wisely: each represents a different cause—animals, diabetes, breast cancer or the environment—with 20% of the proceeds donated. $14,

Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler

Keep your dog guessing with the Kong Wobbler. It spins and rolls, leaving treats in its wake when nudged by a dog’s paw or nose. $18,

Everlasting Bento Ball

Everlasting Treat

Fill the everlasting Bento Ball with food or treats, then cap with an everlasting Treat to keep dogs of all sizes entertained. Lasts a seriously long time. $12-20,

Kibble Nibble

The Kibble Nibble

Appeal to your dog’s baser instincts. The Kibble Nibble randomly dispenses dinner as it tumbles about on rubber bumpers for mental and physical stimulation. Available in two sizes for dogs of all sizes. $14 – $21,

Egg Babies from Kyjen

Egg Babies

For the toy killer. Indulge your dog’s desire to tear apart stuffies with Egg Babies from Kyjen. These plush toys contain five squeaky eggs to seek and squeak. $8,


Treat Stik

Fill the dishwasher-safe TreatStik with treats or kibble, then let your dog puzzle out his reward by manipulating the toy. $13 – $16,

Squirrel Puzzle Toy

My Lil Squirrels Puzzle

Forget the real thing, My Lil Squirrels puzzle toy lets rover force three adorable plush squirrels from their equally cute tree hollow. Finally, triumph for squirrel seeking hounds! $12,

Cagey Cube

Intellitoys’ Cagey Cube

Improve eye-paw-teeth coordination skills with Intellitoys’ Cagey Cube, a plush puzzle containing removable squeaky toys. $14,

Lock and Play from Wigzi

Lock and Play Toy

$9-$10 The lightweight and non- toxic Lock and Play toy hides treats and bounces for double the fun.

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