Gassy Lassie

Gassy Lassie


Dog farts. For some, they’re no joke, but like a bad comedian they can clear a room. A common problem for breeds such as Boxers and French Bulldogs, flatulence stems from a variety of problems.

Swallowed air, usually the result of a wolfed-down dinner, is the most common culprit where garden-variety gas is concerned. Excessive flatulence can most often be blamed on dietary issues, though it’s best to check with your vet that an infection or illness isn’t at the root of your dog’s malodourous emissions. Diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are usual accompaniments if there’s a serious problem.

If illness has been ruled out, a few ways to reduce flatulence are to change your dog’s food to a higher quality diet of whole foods devoid of fillers while simultaneously slowing down his eating by feeding a series of smaller meals or using a specially designed obstacle dish. Canine-specific probiotic additives are another option, and activated charcoal has been known to diminish the odour, if not the situation itself.

To slow your dog’s eating, try Brake-Fast’s obstacle bowl. The simple protrusions stop dogs from bolting their food. (

Intelliflora nutritional supplement contains a blend of four active live bacteria strains that promote intestinal health. (

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I wanted to second what you said so people know it really is true: if you put your dog on a natural dog food without fillers, they will have much less gas, and what they do have won’t smell as bad. This is so totally true - once I put my Jack Russell on a grain-free Alpha made by Natural Balance with intestinal supplements, things got a lot less stinky! TV time with everyone on the couch now is much more enjoyable, now that he’s no longer constantly passing gas!
Thu, 06/28/2012 - 13:18
hello, i have a puppy shes a hound will be a year in january, i sevlrey need some training for her in multiple ways ive done training before and she was perfect, now shes acting out again as her mommy ( me ) am not home as much as i used to be cause i work fulltime, she isnt home alone all the time tho my father or friends are there with her, i need prices for training if possible & would like to hear from you.Thank you GraceSincerly Brittany & Bailey..:)
Wed, 05/01/2013 - 16:29

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