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This Allergy Test Can Turn Your Dog’s Life Around

This easy, non-invasive test reveals food and environmental intolerances

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In partnership with 5Strands Affordable Testing 

Meet Diorabelle! She certainly lives up to her name.

Her fur parent started to notice that she was not gaining very much weight. Diorabelle seemed to have very itchy skin. She was constantly scratching her ears and chewing on her paws. Between her sneezing and wheezing and digestive issues, her mom knew something was wrong. Poor Diorabelle was miserable!

They had been going back and forth with a vet for two years. She was on prescription food that they were hoping would help but with no relief they started looking for other solutions.

That’s when they decided to try 5Strands Affordable Pet Testing. They sent in her hair samples and received the results in less than 10 days. They discovered Diorabelle had 13 food intolerances and several environmental intolerances. Every single dog food they could find, including the vet-prescribed food, had ingredients she was intolerant to. Now they had to find what they could feed her.

After eliminating all the high-level food intolerances and being more cautious of Diorabelle's surroundings thanks to the environmental report, her health started to turn around.

Armed with the right information, after four months she gained one pound,which is great for her small breed. She now only has occasional itching, her eyes are bright and clear, and her coat is growing back thick and luscious—no bald spots! She has much more energy and her tummy issues are gone. She is a very loved, healthy, and happy pup.

“I cannot thank 5Strands Affordable Testing enough! This test literally saved Diorabelle from loads and loads of painful allergy testing at the vets. Not to mention the thousands of dollars saved not having to do those expensive tests! Armed with the excellent, easy-to-read information from Affordable Testing I was able to create a raw diet for Diorabelle (there is not one single brand on the market that doesn’t contain at least one of her intolerances). Within the first week of eliminating those intolerances, we saw a big difference in Diorabelle. Her coat, eyes, personality, temperament, and energy level all improved greatly. There was also noticeably less itching after the very first day. I had been struggling for two years trying to figure out how to help her get healthy. THIS test with my quick action started her healthy life in just three weeks. She barely looks like the same pup. Affordable Testing is AMAZING! Don’t hesitate to order today and get your pet healthy too! You’ll be so happy you did!”

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