The Doggy Bathroom: Revolutionizing How Pets Use Pee Pads

Doggy Bathroom
The Doggy Bathroom: Revolutionizing How Pets Use Pee Pads
Ideal for condo dwellers or aging dogs


When Alain Courchesne adopted an 11-week-old male Italian greyhound, Sterling O’Brien, he admitted he officially became a dog dad. Sterling was successfully trained to use pee pads as well as to go to the bathroom on outdoor walks. As Sterling outgrew the indoor pee pads however and learnt to lift his leg, this result in unfortunate accidental messes all over the floor (and himself). Courchesne said he could tell Sterling was struggling, and it broke his heart.

So, the interior designer decided to invent an innovative solution that is not only effective but stylish too! The Doggy Bathroom is the only indoor potty solution for toy breeds, including males who lift their leg. Doggies can independently use their bathroom when they naturally need to and on their own with no messy cleanups or need for bad weather walks. Plus, it helps in building your pup’s confidence - Sterling is quite pleased with his newfound independence!

The design is relatively straightforward: The Doggy Bathroom structure is made of antibacterial plastic that can be recycled, and the base is made of a rubberized plastic that stabilizes the Doggy Bathroom, with a sleek look that meshes with any décor taste. Inside the private unit are rails in the same material that the pee pads are affixed to while another pee pad lines the bottom. Any small- to medium-sized dog can go inside, do what they need to do (including lifting a leg) and then leave, independently and privately.

“I really wanted to create something that solved our problem but also looked nice,” said Courchesne, who’s design background played a big role in the aesthetics of the Doggy Bathroom.

Not only do they manufacture the Doggy Bathroom – they have also come up with innovative solutions for both the pee pads and the fun little “extras” of the unit. While dog owners can use their own preferred brand of pee pads, they sell their own custom pee pads, which are biodegradable and have flash-gel technology that quickly turns liquid into gel on contact, which allows them to be hung vertically. The Doggy Bathroom is also outfitted with a welcome mat that is situated in the front. These mats can be machine washed and are outfitted with rubber dots underneath, so they don’t slip. New colours and patterns will be released seasonally.

While this product is a great addition to condos, offices or even hotel rooms, The Doggy Bathroom is also great for older dogs who may be finding it hard to get in and outside to relieve themselves, or have difficulty holding it, a problem some small breeds suffer from as well. The unit provides them with a convenient, easy way of doing what they need to do without worrying about having an accident somewhere else. “We all know that having a dog can improve our mental wellbeing, our physical health, and so many other things – they really are important,” Courchesne said. “Having a dog adds so much to your life, and we hope that our product can make everyday living with your dog even better. Because everyone can benefit from having a dog in their lives.”

The Doggy Bathroom was launched last June in Las Vegas and was then presented in Asia the following November. Buyers have poured in from all around the world, including Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, all over Europe, Canada and the United States. A recent Kickstarter campaign has also helped garner further international attention and there are still a few days left to donate, so if you want to help out Doggy Bathroom you can do so here and you will get some awesome invester deals too! 

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