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Meet Sparkles, Social Media Influencer

a seven-year-old Shih Tzu with a passion for fashion, fun, friends, and giving back

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natalia kacala (@hot_photo_dog)

Sparkles is an eight pound seven-year-old Shih Tzu with a passion for fashion, fun, friends, and giving back. Sparkles’ “momager,” Diane Murray, says that her dog not only brightens her every day, but brings daily smiles to her fans as well. “I had no idea that dressing up my precious diva would change our lives,” she says. “What we do is so much bigger than taking pictures.”

This tiny diva is big on influence and style, as illustrated by her Instagram page, @sparklesthediva, which documents her daily fashion stylings for her 50,000 plus followers. There you’ll find photos of Sparkles sporting her latest couture ensembles in her hometown of Atlanta as well as all over the country—think snowsuits in Colorado, bikinis in Florida, feather dresses in Nevada, and cowboy hats in Tennessee. But for all that, her most well known accessory is her signature smile, which showcases her little tongue sticking out!

Sparkles’ fashion-focused Instagram account led to her being named brand “Ambassadorable” for Atlanta-based dog apparel non-profit Mister Migs. As a brand ambassador, the canine fashionista helps raise funds and spread the word about Mister Migs’ YCU (Your Career Unleashed) program, which helps guide young adults with autism and learning disabilities towards fulfilling careers. Thus far Sparkles has helped raise over $20,000 in funds for the program.

Fans can also follow Sparkles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and a new fashion blog is in the works. Plus, Sparkles has also started a new Instagram social dog club, @fabulousdogsofatlanta, to bring together the Atlanta dog community. This canine cutie is on a roll!

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