DIY Eat: Turkey & Sweet Potato Pie for Pups

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Cranberries, which contain vitamin C, manganese, and fiber, to help fight urinary tract infections. more

Look What We Found!—Fall 2017

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This Amazing Org Is Helping At-Risk Senior Dogs

Category: Dog Life
“We envision a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.” This is the laudable goal of The Grey Muzzle, an organization helping homeless senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal welfare organizations. more
These Cuties Helped Raise a Million Dollars!

These Cuties Helped Raise a Million Dollars!

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To dog-lovers, dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family. So when canine cancer claims a victim, a whole family suffers. One in four dogs will battle this disease in their lifetime, with half of them dying long before their time—if that’s not a daunting and depressing statistic, we don’t know what is. But the Orvis Company, a family-owned retail and mail-order business specializing in high-end outdoor goods, was spurred to action. more
Adventure Pooch

Is Your Dog an Adventure Pooch?

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What's your dog's summer personality type? Are they a Party Pup, Adventure Pooch, Water Dog or City Hound? Take our Hello Summer Quiz to see what type of summer adventures best suit your dog.  Here's our recommended products for all the Adventure Pooches out there! more


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