This Amazing Org Is Helping At-Risk Senior Dogs

This Amazing Org Is Helping At-Risk Senior Dogs
We envision a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid


“We envision a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.” This is the laudable goal of The Grey Muzzle, an organization helping homeless senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal welfare organizations.

Thanks to The Grey Muzzle, dogs like Claire get a second chance. Matted, scared, and alone, this 20-year-old Poodle-mix found herself being surrendered to the shelter by the only family she had ever known. Her age, irregular heartbeat, eye issues, and poor physical condition put her at imminent risk of euthanasia. Senior Dog Haven & Hospice could not bear to let her 20-year story end in a shelter, so they rushed to pick her up. Thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Claire received blood work and medical tests on her eyes. Now she enjoys life as a pampered pooch in her foster home and hopes to find a special forever family that will give her the loving retirement home she deserves.

Or take Howard from San Francisco’s Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. At 11 years old, Howard found himself abandoned by his family with only one reason given to the shelter: “too old.” Instead of a name, he was now a number — #654156.

Howard was lame from arthritis and had a cancerous lesion, which gave him very little chance of attracting a new family. Day after day, he watched people pass him by, always smiling through his whiskers, always hopeful someone would see in his eyes that he had so much left to give.
Howard's lucky day came in August when Sherri Franklin, Director of Muttville, took one look at his sweet face and said, “I think I am in love!”

The very next day Howard began his journey with a ride from the shelter, holding his head out the window the entire trip.

Next up was his first flight—a Pilots N Paws plane ride to Muttville. Sherri knew Howard needed veterinary care, and thanks to Grey Muzzle she knew she had the resources to care for him. Once recovered from surgery, a hopeful Howard headed to his very first Muttville adoption event with a few of his new friends. He was a little nervous but gave everyone he met his big goofy grin. After a few more adoption events, it happened—a man named Patrick came to meet Howard. It was love at first sight. Howard had a new dad!

And so a new life began for Howard and Claire. These are just two of the senior dogs that The Grey Muzzle helped give a second chance thanks to medical expense grants. It really does take a village.

Want to help The Grey Muzzle?
You can give a monthly gift to help dogs like Claire and Howard, donate a bed or even a vehicle, make an “in memory of donation,” volunteer your time, or simply help spread the word—find out more at

Or help by shopping! The Grey Muzzle Organization has joined forces with the AARF Club, a membership program that offers exclusive discounts on everything from medicine to dog beds to dog food. A large portion of monthly membership fees go to the Grey Muzzle Organization to help fund medical grants and help rescues and shelters with senior dogs. In addition, members have access to a vast array of educational information in regards to caring for senior dogs. Find more info at







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