Fave Finds

Fave Finds
old country leather

My sister-in-law absolutely loved this Christmas gift—a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, high quality leather collar from Old Country Leather customized specifically for her dog. I chose all the elements to match her and her pup's personality, customizing the colour of leather, stitching, adding her dog's name, as well as any decorative gems or rivets. 


Some dogs love to play tug of war, and we're constantly going through destroyed toys. Mootugs are made from recycled rubber milking tubes on dairy farms which have been cleaned and sanitized ready for play. I love the tagline—a toy for "udderly" happy dogs—and that the rubber is soft and flexible enough to not hurt my dog's mouth. 

Bathing / Grooming Gloves for Animals

With a big fluffy dog like my Border Collie mix (who probably is part Bernese Mountain Dog) I need a grooming tool that is up to the task. I loved using theHandsOn gloves to groom Callisto, and she seemed to enjoy it too. The gloves are textured on the palm, which gives my dog a good scratch, while staying firmly secured on my hand. One pair is $24.99.

goBARE Snack Pack from BareItAll Petfoods

My friend's dog Sissy has a list of allergies longer than her tail! So when I was looking for a treat to bring for a play date, I was immediately attracted to the honesty and transparency of BareItAll Petfoods. The goBARE Nibblers are designed for small dogs and work great as a training treat, and the goBARE Crisps are a jerky-cracker consistency that break up easily. I love the sampler snack pack so we can try the different kinds.

Kruuse bed and Pipolli shirt

Mr. Big, a white Miniature Schnauzer, loves the Kruuse's Buster Cocoon bed. He's very particular and won't lie in just any bed, but immediately made himself comfortable in this one and snuggled right in for a rest. He's also styling a beautiful striped dog shirt from Pipolli


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