Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Hurtta Outback Dreamer

Want to take your dog camping, but aren't sure how to keep him warm and cozy at night? Then Hurtta's Outback Dreamer Sleeping Bag is for you! This bright and colourful sleeping bag is designed to support your dog's natural sleeping position, no matter what kind of breed he is! Built with heat-reflecting foil in the lining, the water-repellent Outback Dreamer is made from breatheable and durable Houndtex textile, perfect for keeping your pup warm and comfy on cold summer nights. Now both you and your dog can have sweet dreams on your camping trips! - ERM


Vetericyn Plus spray for wound and skin care is pH-balanced and used for cleansing, irrigating, debriding, and moisturizing wounds. This awesome skin care product is safe to use and extremely effective for problems including cuts and scrapes, abrasions and scratches, hot spots and skin rashes, burns, absesses and sores, and post-surgical sites on your pet. Tried and true by the Modern Dog family, this non-toxic and trusted skin care solution is sure to help get your pet back to his normal, healthy self! - ERM

David Oreck's Pet Odor Eliminating Candle

Although we love our furry friends, that doesn't mean we necessarily love each and every smell they produce. Luckily, we have a solution for stinky pet smells: David Oreck's Pet Odor Eliminating Candle! These natural soy and vegetable wax candles are awesome for absorbing and eliminating undesirable doggy smells—available in "fresh linen" (a clean laundry smell), "soft citrus" (a fresh orange scent with a hint of lemon), and "neutral" (a very neutral scent with a very faint hint of lemon), the Pet Odor Elminating Candle burns for approximately fifty hours. Check them out here—if you want to try out more than one scent, you can also get a great deal! - ERM

GoPure Pet

Hydration is essential for your dog to stay in good health. One of the best things you can do for your pet is to make sure he has fresh, clean water each and every day. A lot of people don't know that a dog's drinking dish can be the perfect environment for growing bacteria -- and many people don't clean their dog dishes enough. That's why we recommend GoPure, an awesome filtering pod which can be clipped to your dog's dish to prevent the growth of bacteria and to make sure your dog is always drinking pure, clean water! GoPure's fantastic system is highly recommended to make sure your pup's water is always as fresh as he deserves. - ERM 


Modern Dog LOVES Dallas artist James Chefchis' work—we haven't seen anything quite like it before! Chefchis is largely inspired by pets and animals, and creates fabulous paintings as well as unique pet portraits for which he uses vintage books as canvases. According to Chefchis, these original and whimsical pieces are meant to explore "all mysteries of life", and can be found at ImaginationManufacturing.com


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