DIY Eat—Rex's Terrific Trail Mix

DIY Eat—Rex's Terrific Trail Mix
DIY Eat—Rex's Terrific Trail Mix
Made from leftovers and delicious!


Clean out your fridge to make this Modern Dog Test Kitchen dog treat, perfect for hikes, visits to the dog park or brushing up on obedience skills (training’s an awful lot more fun with treats!). The best part? You can make it with leftovers culled from your refrigerator!


  • Leftover meats of all kinds—cut up chicken breast, lunchmeat, leftover roast, gizzards from Sunday dinner’s roast chicken (Rinse off any seasoning of course)
  • Leftover veg—sweet potato, yam, broccoli, potato, peas, carrots, squash… there are tons of options, just no onion please!
  • Fruit—banana, apple, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry…again, tons of options, just no grapes or raisins!

Cut everything up into little ¼" – ½" pieces (thin slices are best), toss on a greased cookie sheet, and place in 200° F oven. Let cook until dry, checking in every 30 minutes to give a stir. Cool and store in an airtight container in the fridge until it’s time to hit the dusty trail!


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