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Meet: Wilson

German Shepherd / Doberman / Husky
Somewhere in Tulare Co., CA

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I rescued my mom last June after she lost my 5-year old brother. I just turned 1 year old. I still chew things I'm not supposed to.....but Mom takes me lots of fun places like the Doggie Park, the lake to"hunt" for squirrels & bunnies, and our evening walk to look for kitties. I'm a pretty good boy but I still have some learning to do, but I still get lots of treats!
Cutie Pie
Treats, playing with my canine companions. squeaking toys (but I chew them up)
the car
Favorite Foods: 
Bananas, peanut butter, turkey burgers, & all the good treats mom gives me
Favorite Pastimes: 
Going to the Doggie Park, the "big" park to "hunt" for squirrels & bunnies, and my evening walks to look for kitties!

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