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Meet: Wilson

Shepherd Mix
Neil Young Fan

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Wilson rescued me after I recently lost my 5 year old pup to a horrific blood platelet disease. He does NOT like the car yet. I think he only had 2 car rides; one long ride coming from a shelter when he was only 3 mos. The other when I brought him home. He didn't have all his puppy shots, so we went for short 2,3,4,5 minutes rides around the neighborhood. Now that he's fully vaccinated, we can go to the park, but after about 2 miles, he's overcome with stress & anxiety. Well get there!!
4 mos
Treats! Ducks & Bunnies at the park! And many things I've yet to discover
I don't like to go for a ride yet, but I'm learning
Favorite Foods: 
Everything my mom will let me have - only healthy stuff and PEANUT BUTTER!!
Favorite Pastimes: 
"Bunny hunting", pulling a rope, and chewing anything

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