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Meet: Victor

Shetland Sheepdog
Regina Sourwine
Alexandria Bay, NEw York

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Victor was miracle birth for us all.After an Ultra-sound,x-ray,pregnancy test by two veterinarians, told she wasn’t pregnant.She became restless 24 hrs before birth & filled up with milk.That morning she was panting, hiding underneath our desk in LR which isn't like her.On July 23rd, I noticed some fluid in the hallway. I called her vet & diagnosed false pregnancy.Hung up and there he was on the floor.He is our victory baby and is related to my sheltie Houdi.Our miracle baby from GOD!!
8 months
Playing Zoom-Zoom, herding game, many many toys especially the plastic bottles, Kong balls, anything food related, raking leaves with us, playing with other dogs, dog shows, car rides, walks with and woithout his leash, the park, kids and everyone else
Favorite Foods: 
Crystalized Ginger, frozen beef marrow bones, fronzen watermelon, carrots, everything food!!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Running, herding cows and us, playing with our neice Taylor, just life itself

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