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Kylie Burridge

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My dogs name is Taio. He is almost two years old and is probably the most loving and energetic dog anyone could meet. He means the world to me and I couldn't have asked for a better dog and best friend. He melts everyone's hearts and can always tell when a family member is upset or when we need to be protected. I thought I would enter him in this contest because he gets a lot of compliments on how much of a great dog he is and I wanted to share how much this dog is adored with you guys.
1 year and a half
Baby, Tail
Going for walks, Cuddling with the family and kids, catching flys, fetching balls, giving everyone wet kisses, swimming, playing with his friends
Being ignored for to long, being away from his family, people threatening the family, and things blowing in his face.
Favorite Foods: 
His treats, peanut butter
Favorite Pastimes: 

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