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Suni-kai, pronounced Sue-nee-kai, is a babypom from Korea! She is the smartest sassiest gal around. She’s known for talking back, stealing tissues, and trying to eat hair! Suni is a jack of all trades and whips out a new (untaught) trick whenever it benefits her most. Kai means ‘bad/mischievous’ in chinese, so her middle name fits perfectly, She’s notorious for finding something she knows she shouldn’t have, prances around making sure its sticking out of her mouth visible to bargain for treats!
Baby, the child, smush-pie, Sunti (soon-tee), dude, bro
Napping, sunbathing, whining to get what i want, playing with purple ball, mouse toy, blankie, and Statue of Liberty ball
Anything with wheels, accordions, getting brushed/brushes/watching others get brushed, listening, baths
Favorite Foods: 
Watermelon, salmon, popcorn, 365 morning o’s, apples
Favorite Pastimes: 
Zoomies, Being cute, finding inedible things to taunt my humans with so i can trade it for treats

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