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Meet: Starlight

terrier mix
Eileen Ward
Bainbridge Island

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Starlight is a cute medium sized black and white dog who enjoys meeting new people and discovering new trails in the woods. Starlight also enjoys playing with herself or other dogs especially large dogs. Starlight hates the sound of medal on the floor moving towards her as well as large boxes. Starlight enjoys trying to catch flies in her mouth and sometimes bees, but luckily she rarely gets stung. her owners adore this cute, smart and cuddly pup.
fluffer, little puchi, littlebaby potato and fwuffy.
out doors, exploring, cuddling and lying down
metal noises on the floor and boxes moving on the floor.
Favorite Foods: 
steak, carrots, table food or people food and peanut butter plus dog food.
Favorite Pastimes: 
cuddling, running around outside and playing with stick and toys.

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