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Meet: Snow Bear

Blue Heeler / Australian Shepherd
Jaime Dygert

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Snow Bear is my mobility and retrieval Service Dog, he is 3 years old and the smartest furry dude I know. He loves working and helping me out, but he also enjoys play time at the park. One of his His favorite things to do in is off time play fetch. He loves kids so much too, he has a huge heart. Snow Bear learns really fast also. He isn't just a dog to me, He is my lifeline. So,e say He's my sidekick but I call him my SUPERHERO.
Snow, Bear and Bear Bear
Helping his momma (Jaime) with her needs, playing fetch, going for walks, watermelon,hanging his head out the window of the car, car surfing, ice cubes, etc. (I could go on)
Favorite Foods: 
His dog food and treats, watermelon, peanut butter
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing fetch, going for walks/hikes, naps

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