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Meet: Sina

Justin Konye
Aurora, CO

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Sina: Goddess of the oceans and the moon! Represented by those glacial eyes. High energy, just like the good husky she is. Biggest smile, and tongue, in the west. Loves a good ruffhousing. Especially with her little cat companion. Will do anything to run around the mountains all day and it takes all you have to get her inside on a cold night
Pupigator, Bobina and Trouble
Mountains, Water, Rolling in stinky stuff, Running free, Snowy daysand Talking back
Potatos, Coming in when its cold, When you're not paying her attention and the cat getting more love
Favorite Foods: 
Jerky and Zucchini
Favorite Pastimes: 
Hiking, Chasing rodents, Swimming, Terrorizing her Kitty Sister qnd Truck Rides

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