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Meet: Sage

Min Pin
John Nazarian
Los Angeles, CA

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This is Sage! He's a 6 & 1/2 month old Min Pin puppy. He is all love & affection! A pure & gentle soul who just wants to please you...he will kiss you all day long if you let him! He talks to you with little sweet grunts & baby "growls"...and then just as fast...will stop and make-out with you! He truly is a good, docile and so well behaved! He favors a woman's touch...but is most loyal to his daddy. He is pure love & has brought so much happiness into his family.
6 & 1/2 months
Baby Sage
He LOVES to kiss, cuddle, burrow & dig under the covers. He loves sleeping up against a warm body with his face in your neck!
Nothing! He's just a wee pup still! Everything is fun & exciting!
Favorite Foods: 
Anything...he ain't picky!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Acting like a tough guy with his daddy, Going through the drive thru for food, chasing cats, playing with his Golden Retriever brother, kissing, playing with cat toys and snuggling!

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