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Meet: Rudi Grace Terry

Dalmatian / Labrador
Noel Terry

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Woof! My name is Rudi Grace Terry; I live with my Mommy Noël. How my Mommy ended up with me was, she went to Petco and looked on their PetFinder computer and found me in a Humane Society in Indiana. We fell in love as mother and daughter as soon as our eyes met. As long as I am a good girl my mommy is happy, if my mommy is happy then I am a happy little girl. God sure has blessed me with the wonderful picture perfect life I love to live.
My best friend the UPS guy! - He always comes to just give me a treat!
Strange men to look at my mommy. Grrr...
Favorite Foods: 
Eggs and Dog cookies
Favorite Pastimes: 
Camping and going to work with my mommy!

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