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Meet: Ruby Squeakers

Wire haired Dachsund Mix
Heather Flake
Bountiful, Utah

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She is the funniest dog I have ever owned! She howls on command or even just when she is so excited she can't stand it! She also tries to mimic the howling sounds Ill get her to do. When she is out of food, she pushes the bowl around to make noise to let you know her bowl is empty. There are so many funny things about her!!! She is my angel and comforter!
2 years
Rubes, Rueben, Ruby Soho, Rubenstein, Sweet Babe
Walks, her stuffed toy dog, riding in the car on your lap while driving and looking out the window, kisses, cuddling her
being left home
Favorite Pastimes: 
Napping, walking, running crazy all around the house, cuddling with me

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