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Chihuahua, Jack Russel, Corgi
Meredith H. Sonson
Los Angeles, CA

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Peanut is a rescue. I can not imagine my life w/o him. I feel like we rescued each other. He is so unique, entertaining, affectionate(when he allows you into his circle of trust), protective of people & animals he loves, so smart, cute as can be & so much more. He has a little snore when he sleeps; it is so cute. About a yr ago something unimaginable, unbelievable & shocking happened. A month I grieved & then an absolute miracle proved that we are supposed to be together w/o a doubt!
Approximately 4.5 years young
Nut, Nutter, Sweet Pea, Nutter Butter, Angel, The Nut, Precious
Playing with his treat balls & puzzles, Cheese, snuggling, nibbling on my nose, looking absolutely ADORABLE, tossing food up in the air & playing w/it, The cats (3), The Beach!
Being alone, when the cats try to take his chewie, when he does not get attention, the vet!, mean people
Favorite Foods: 
carrots, cheese, duck jerky, my homemade chicken treats, Nutridents, Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing on the beach, Chasing birds, dog park, morning treats w/the kitties,

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