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Meet: Oslo

Sanjeet & Bhu
Toronto, Ontario

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Hi Everypawdy! My name is Oslo and I am a 11 month old Vanderbilt Samoyed. I am born and raised in Ontario. I love treats, long walks, sticking my head out the car window, love chasing squirrels and rabbits in my backyard and also love to stare at people stare. When my owners walks me, people stop walking or driving so they can look at me and take a photo. Everybody loves me :)
11 Months
Oslo Bear
Play dates, Dog parks, Jumping, Cheese, New Toys and Ice Cubes
Loud noises like the Vitamix, Brocolli and closure of dog parks due to Covid-19 :(
Favorite Foods: 
Everything but brocolli. My favourite is cheese, raw food and goat milk treats (Yum!)
Favorite Pastimes: 
Long Walkies, chasing squirrels, sleeping on cold surfaces and looking for socks

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