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Carla Bartolacci

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Mr. Toad is a one year old 8lb mix. He has been through lot in his little life. A very inhumane person took his eye sight from him. He ended up at the local human society and was going to be euthanized. But a caring person pulled him out and called Second Chance Rescue to come and get him. They rushed over and got Mr. Toad and brought him to me to foster care. Mr. Toad slept for 2 days straight. On the third day he came alive. Even though Mr. Toad has had a bad start in life. He is always happy and full of enthusiasm. He loves to walk everyday, hike on trails, go off roading in the jeep and loves greeting people. The vet said for a little guy that has been thru so much in such a short time. He is so loving and trusting. I hope you vote for Mr. Toad, he can show the world how to over come anything that is handed to you. And he will be able to give back to those that gave him the life he now deserves. He deserves your vote! You can meet Mr. Toad at Sisters Gift Shop or Second Chance Rescue Adoption Events. Carla (I have since adopted Mr Toad)

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