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Meet: Miss Coral & Mr. Fergus

Norwich terrier
Scott & Dawn Nihill

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Miss Coral & Mr. Fergus are super love bugs. Mr. Fergus is my shadow he doesn't let me out of his sight. Miss Coral is my snuggle bunny. They are the best dog's to own. Miss Coral is 6yrs old and Mr. Fergus is 8yrs old. We live in Connecticut. We have many toys. Mr. Fergus loves to squeak his toys. Miss Coral is tough and growls when she plays. Mr. Fergus doesn't miss a meal but Miss Coral is a fussy eater. Please vote for us ! Thank you kisses to all!
Miss Coral & Mr. Fergus
Eating & sleeping , hunting in the yard , taking rides in the car
When Mom & Dad leave them
Favorite Foods: 
Green beans, watermelon and cookies
Favorite Pastimes: 
Barking at the mailman, company

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