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Meet: Maxim

Boxer/Pitbull Mix
Andrea Creswell-Keller
Michigan, came from a rescue in Southfield

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Meet Max, my amazing baby boy! Of course I'm biased, and think my babies are the best, but he really is just absolute amazing. He rescued me a little over a year ago, and has gotten me through some very, very tough times. He is unbelievably loyal, loving, full of life and happiness, and his love and devotion is unconditional and never judgemental, which is priceless. My big boy deserves to win this contest just for being who he is, and of course for his stunning looks!
About 6-6 1/2
Bubba, Handsome, My Love, etc... I have many! Haha ;)
Destroying any new toy as fast as possible!!! He has popped both his new basketball and his football in less than 45 seconds!! Then he loves to tear them to shreds! Any new Nylabones he gets too! Those are the only ones that last with his mouth!
Taking his medicine... He has figured out every trick in the book, so sneaking them to him is almost impossible!
Favorite Foods: 
Anything but plain dry food (and it's the expensive GOOD kind too!) I've spoiled him rotten... Lol!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Sun tanning, wrestling with his sister, and spending time with his mom! Oh, I can't forget car rides either!!

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