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Meet: Macey and Archie

Jack Russell x Fox Terrier is Archie and Jack Russell x Border Collie is Macey

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Macey and Archie r the best dogs u can ever get! Macey just recently had puppies and Archie's is the fathe!
Archie's about 11 months old and Maceys 2 years and a half! Archie's a teen dad! Archie black and Maceys tan!
Archie's 11 months and maceys 2and a half
Macey: fluff bum! Archie: lil boy! Both: inspectors of chicken necks
Chicken necks! Toys! Fluff! Carob Treats! Humans!
Baths! Getting told off!
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken necks! Carob treats!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Giving birth to 6 puppies

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